I SEEK NATURE SDN BHD was established in 2016. We are the waste solution specialist who specialize in food waste composting technology, organic waste management, eco green products, waste to wealth, garbage to garden solution.

I SEEK NATURE SDN.BND is a collection of research and development, production and sales as one of professional production of high-tech waste disposal equipment, environmental protection enterprises. More than 5 years, the company invested heavily in research and development in line with China's national conditions of the home, commercial waste disposal equipment, on this basis, and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang University jointly developed a large-scale biochemical treatment equipment can be widely applicable In rural areas, residential, hospitals, schools, hotels, farmers market, islands, tourist attractions.





A total of 10 invention patents, utility models and design patents 16, and access to CQC and other certificates. Products on the market, is its advanced nature, practicality, security, economy, and novelty, by the majority of customers and consumers of all ages.

Companies adhering to the "Let the limited resources, infinite loop, and the natural rehabilitation of the old good" concept of development, environmental governance and environmental protection work together to do the technology innovators do environmental practitioners, and actively create garbage-free era for the people sharing garbage Deal with troubles, for the government to share environmental management pressure.


Good products not only in the internal, shape is equally important. Eisner design team, to continuously improve the consumer experience to meet the needs of different consumers in the garbage processor appearance and functional areas of the user experience, introduced a number of design options.

In the design and manufacturing process, Eisner strictly carries out the quality control, whether it is for the Chinese domestic market models, or the products sold in Europe and the United States, we implement the same product quality standards, using the same quality control system to ensure delivery To each of the products are in line with the quality requirements of love Sini, because each with the logo of the machine Ai Sini, on behalf of our brand image. We are very proud that many of our customers to use Ai Sini machines will recommend to relatives and friends of our products, this love and love to thank, we put great enthusiasm to do the driving force behind the quality of management.